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Wooden Toy of Fine Motor Skills

  • The wooden toy of fine motor skills is a central part of the children’s lives. Children can “sew” with the cord by passing it through the holes again and again creating different patterns.

  • Giraffe,
    L: 7,5cm
    H: 15cm
    It has 8 holes. Cord length 30cm.

    L: 9cm
    H: 14cm
    It has 11 holes. Cord length 30cm.

    L: 7,5cm
    H: 14cm
    It has 9 holes. Cord length 30cm.

  • Skill:
    • Teaches practical skills of their daily life.
    • Spend their time creatively and calmly.
    • Helps to coordinate eyes with limbs and brain development.
    • Enhances independence and encourages healthy interaction with other children.
    • Helps children recognize their abilities and be effective.
    • Through the development of motor skills, children learn to use tools such as pencils, scissors, spoons, etc. but also to develop writing and drawing skills.

    Suitable for ages : 6 months.*
    (* The age is indicative, depends on the child’s development.)

    Fine mobility toys consist of a wooden surface with holes where the child can pass the string making various patterns. At one end of the corb there is a stop ball.

    They are sent ready for play.

    The fine motor skill toy is a Greek product made out of solid pine.

    It is designed to provide maximum safety as we focus on quality and reliability. It is recommended that there is always an adult supervision during use by children for extra safety. This will prevent the child from mis-using the product.

    A rope is included. Make proper use according to the
    instructions for use, to avoid choking.

    The company does not takes over any responsibility in case of mis-use of the product.
    The colors of the photo may differ from the actual product.
    The accessories which are used in the photos are not included in the price and the packaging.

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