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Wooden Balance Beams

  • The wooden balance beams allow the child to gain confidence as he/she masters balance skills. Balance boards are also ideal for indoors when the weather does not allow you to go outside, but child still needs to spend more energy.

  • Dimensions of the bases
    L: 18cm
    W: 9cm
    H: 3cm

    Dimensions of the beams
    L: 59cm
    W: 9cm
    H: 1,8cm

    The construction can withstand up to 60Kg.
    Set weighs 7.40Kg.

  • Skills:
    • They enhance children’s participation in activities such as jumping, balance etc.
    • Improve the static balance of children and allows them to learn about balance during movement and how to control their small bodies.
    • Improve the strength and stability of reflexes, and helps encourage motor coordination of the eyes and limbs as well as fine motor skills.
    • Help children learn what is the center of gravity of their body.
    • Familiarize children from an early age with their participation in balance sports, cycling and performing basic daily tasks.
    • Teache self-confidence and safety of their movements.

    Conserns children from 18 months.*
    (* The age is indicative, depends on the child’s development)

    The wooden balance beams are designed according to the Montessori’s method of education. The set consists of 12 bases and 6 balance beams. They can be placed with many combinations for more play. They offer a variety of challenges for the child as the difficulty can be changed and you can create stairs for more fun. They are easy to clean, due to their construction and materials.

    The assembly is a personal choice, just place the bases protrusions in the recesses of the pair beams according to the numbers below the bases.

    The wooden balance beams are Greek products. They are made out of marine grade plywood, excellent quality and durability. The varnishes are of increased anti-scratching resistance, non-toxic and certified by the Special European Certification UNE-EN71-3.

    They are made according to the European Safety Standards EN71-1 and EN71-3. Their suitability and compliance with the aforementioned specifications have been checked and certified by CE. They provide maximum safety and stability as we focus on quality and reliability. Their corners are rounded for greater safety. It is recommended that there is always an adult supervision during use by children for extra safety. This will prevent the child from misusing the product. It is recommended to be used on carpet or safety floor to prevent slipping.

    Attention! Do not use if any part of it is broken.

    The company does not takes over any responsibility in case of mis-use of the product.
    The colors of the photo may differ from the actual product.
    The accessories which are used in the photos are not included in the price and the packaging.

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