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Little Wooden Daisy Table

  • The little wooden daisy table is an extremely important furniture for the development of the child. He/she can play, eat and exercise any activity while having everything at his height. We must, as parents, create a safe environment and provide the necessary tools to succeed in each of their endeavors.

  • L: 55cm
    W: 55cm
    H: 51cm

    The construction can withstand up to 80Kg.

    Set weighs 6,20Kg.

  • Skills:
    • Teaches practical skills and ways of table activities.
    • Ensures creative time, the kid can do crafts, play, write, read books, etc.
    • Helps in the correct posture of the body and the comfort of the movements in the right environment.
    • Provides a safe working environment without the risk of accident, has correct height, rounded corners and finishes, etc.
    • Enhances independence and encourages healthy interaction with other children.


    Suitable for ages : 12 months+.*
    (* The age is indicative, depends on the child’s development.)

    The little wooden daisy table is stable for any job. The child can eat, wipe the surface on its own and practice any writing and reading skills. At the same time the child can play on the special anti-scratching surface without scratching it. It is easy to clean, due to its construction and materials.

    The product is shipped unassembled. Step by step instructions are included for fast and safe assembly.

    The little  wooden daisy table is a Greek product. The table surface is made out of MDF while the legs out of solid beech. The varnishes are out of increased anti-scratching resistance, are non-toxic and certified by the Special European Certification UNE-EN71-3.

    It is made according to the European Safety Standards EN71-1 and EN71-3. Its suitability and compliance with the aforementioned specifications has been checked and certified. It provides maximum safety and stability as we focus on quality and reliability. The corners are rounded for greater safety. It is recommended that there is always an adult supervision during use by children for extra safety. This will prevent the child from misusing the product. It is recommended to be used on carpet or safety floor to prevent slipping.
    Make sure that the table does not tip over when using the seat and the child!
    Do not use if any of its parts are broken!
    Recommended for children who can sit without help!

    The company does not takes over any responsibility in case of mis-use of the product.
    The colors of the photo may differ from the actual product.
    The accessories which are used in the photos are not included in the price and the packaging.

In stock

In stock


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