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Baby Nest Floral 105X70cm

  • The baby nest is made for the warmest hugs and relaxed moments of your baby.

  • L: 105cm
    H: 70cm

  • Skills:
    • Protects your baby from twists and turns during sleep
    • Offers the warmth & peace that a baby needs
    • Creates a warm and cozy environment that you can easily and safely move from room to another room at home or on the go – always keeping your little one close to you.
    • Ideal solution for sleeping with your baby
    • Easy adjustment of the baby from mom’s belly to the crib or cradle. During pregnancy the baby learns to live in the limited space provided by the mother’s belly.

    Conserns babies from the moment of their birth.

    Its Perfect for everyday use, you can use your baby nest anywhere in the house, or take it wherever you go. It’s travel-friendly because it’s lightweight and easy to fit into any medium-sized suitcase or backpack.
    Its size is adjusted thanks to the special cords covered by the velvet fabric for complete safety of the baby. It can be used from both sides for winter (velvet side) and summer (cotton side).
    For long-term and better maintenance, it is recommended to remove the mattress pad and wash it in the washing machine at 30 degrees. It dries naturally in the sun or in a closed space with dehumidification.

    It is sent ready for play.

    Its outer fabric is excellent quality velvet and its inner 100% cotton sheet. The fabrics and the internal filling material are certified by Oeko-Tex Standard 100 – International and independent certification organization.
    The bottom of the nest is made of certified soft material suitable for the baby to rest on.

    It is made with non-allergenic and non-nasty materials, making it safe for your children.

    • Always place the nest on a flat surface
    • Do not carry your baby in the nest
    • Always place in safe places (never on trunks, tables, etc.)
    • Always have adult supervision during use

    The company does not takes over any responsibility in case of mis-use of the product.
    The colors of the photo may differ from the actual product.
    The accessories which are used in the photos are not included in the price and the packaging.

Only 3 left in stock

Only 3 left in stock


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