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Δωρεάν μεταφορικά για όλη την Ελλάδα μέχρι 30/06/2024

Method and time of delivery

Shipping methods

All orders are sent in Greece with cooperating courier companies or transport companies.

The shipping cost is proportional to the P.C. of your area, volume or weight and calculate automatically before complete your order, after selecting the shipping method and the payment method.

If you are in an area inaccessible by the transport company, delivery can be made at your place if it is located 10 km far from the city center – town. The delivery is on the sidewalk, for any other way of delivery is done after consultation with the driver. If your place is more than 10 km far away from the city center – town, you must pick it up from the nearest office of your transport company. In this case, if you would like delivery your order at your place, the travel costs are borne by you and you pay them to the driver of the transport company.
In any case you can contact us at to inform you
just for the shipping cost or help you complete your order.

Upon completion of your order, if the order has been sent by courier company, you will receive an informative e-mail with the courier company  and your shipment number. Through the courier site you can search for your shipment. Suggested to search for your shipping order, after 24 hours later the receipt of the informative e-mail as otherwise a result may not be displayed.

If the product is large volume or kilos, the transfer is done with a transport company cooperating with the recipient’s area. Our information is immediate with an automated message by e-mail for the time the order was sent by us.
By arrangement we can send you the products you bought with a transport company of your choice, which will be responsible for the delivery of the goods.

In case your order can not be executed immediately, due to force majeure (strikes, bad weather, pandemics, etc.), we will contact you as soon as possible.

You can contact the wudd service department at any time at +30 23940 20 277.

Receipt from the Factory

Wudd provides the possibility of receiving your order, through the online store of products, when they are available, from the factory, every day Monday to Friday, from 10:00 am. until 2:00 p.m. and only after consultation to avoid delay of each customer. There is an option to “receipt from the factory” during the ordering process. If the item is available for delivery you can repay the price of these products in cash or by credit / debit card.
The receipt is be done by the person mentioned in the order as the recipient.

This option is provided for collection on the same day and up to 3 working days (if the item is available). In any other case the order is canceled automatically.

Delivery time

Upon completion of your order, if the product is available, shipping takes place in 1-5 working days. In case the order is placed on a day that is not a working day or is a holiday, the shipment is made on the next working day.
If the indication on the product page is “not available” then the shipping time varies based on the availability time, indicatively 15-20 working days.

From the moment you are informed about the shipment, the transport company is responsible for the delivery time.
For areas designated as “inaccessible” by the courier or transport company, this time may vary. For orders made by deposit in a bank account, the payment of the money by the bank must have been confirmed and then continue the shipment.

In any case, we will make every effort to ensure that your order is delivered to you as soon as possible.


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