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e-gift card

e-gift card

The e-gift card is issued electronically by the company “Tzoumani BROS OE” with the brand name wudd which is located at 17oXLM Thessaloniki-Serres, PC 57200 and is available for sale in the online store of the company

With the e- gift card by wudd, give your loved ones the perfect gift for any occasion!
With 4 steps… make the best gift, what they really need!

1. Choose the value you want!
2. Enter the recipient’s mail you want to make the gift,
3. Set the date you want to send.
4. Fill it with the most beautiful wishes!

…and complete your purchase!


The purchase of the e-gift card can be made through a special form in the online store of the company For a combined purchase amount, a separate addition must be made to the cart (even in the same market) and different e-gift cards must be purchased.

A unique code is generated for each e-gift card purchase, consisting of a combination of 19 digits of numbers and characters (dashes are digits). This number is sent by e-mail to the recipient of the e-gift card, based on the information entered in the form by the buyer / sender and can be used for online purchases with a time limit of one year.
Once the recipient receives the card code, he can use it immediately to pay for his order, entering the code directly at the end of the purchase. While he can add it to his account * for future use.

To complete the order, there are special fields on the billing / receipt entry and payment method registration page, for filling in the unique e-gift card code and e-mail address. Once the above fields are filled in and after their validity is confirmed, the corresponding amount is deducted from the cost of the products of the order.

User account

Connected customers can use their e-gift card account balance to pay for their orders by selecting the field from their e-gift card balance on the cart / purchase completion page.

To do this the user must have an account. By entering only his mail in the “Registration” form, the code will be sent to his e-mail address.
By filling in your name and surname you have the possibility, by going to your profile, to check the total balance of the e-gift cards, the redeemed e-gift cards that are still active and e-gift card transaction history.

In detail, as soon as an e-gift card code is redeemed by a customer in his account, the amount is added to the total balance of his e-gift cards. So there is no case to use the card number by another customer making a purchase. This process allows the individual user to make purchases without having to remember or enter codes at the end of the purchase, always provided that they are linked to their profile.

Terms of use

The e-gift card is not registered and can be used by anyone who knows the 19 digit unique code. The e-gift card code must be kept like cash as in case a third party uses / redeems it without the recipient’s knowledge it is not replaced or canceled. In any such case the company does not bear any responsibility.

When redeeming the e-gift card on the market, the company is not obliged and will not carry out an identity check, but checks the combination of the 19-digit unique code, if it is valid.

Based on the Greek legislation and in particular according to par. 109 of article 7 of the Tax Code for the Display of Transactions (Law 4093/2012), for the purchase of an e-gift card from the online store of the company no receipt is issued retail because the delivery-sale of goods does not take place, but the purchase of a right in favor of a third party and can be used as a means of payment for purchases in the online store. When the e-gift card is used and goods are purchased, then a sale takes place and the corresponding tax document is issued.

The available minimum purchase amount of the e-gift card is 50€ and the maximum is 200€ . It is not possible to make a cumulative purchase of values ​​except for an individual purchase of gift certificates in the same order.

Each code is unique and its use is allowed until the amount is redeemed.

The e-gift card can be used when you buy products at their original price, also products at a discount or on offer even in combination with discount codes / coupons.
A total of 2 or more e-gift card codes cannot be used in one transaction.

The e-gift card in no case can be redeemed for cash but only for goods of equal value. In case of higher value the buyer will be asked to pay the difference between the value of the e-gift card and the value of the goods. While in the case of purchase of lower value the amount will remain in the buyer’s account for his next order.

Transactions with the e-gift card are made only in the domestic currency (Euro).

If a product purchased with an e-gift card is returned, is followed the same process to all cases of returns mentioned in “Returns – Changes”.

The e-gift card can be redeemed within twelve (12) months from the date of purchase. After the expiration of the above deadline, the e-gift card is deactivated while the balance is automatically reset and it is not possible to redeem or replace it.

Lost e-gift card codes can not be replaced.

The Company reserves the right to modify all above terms of use at any time and this modification will be published on the company’s website
The company may refuse to provide an e-gift card in case of infringement of the above regulations.

In case of interruption of this service, any e-gift card that has been issued can be used normally with the above terms.

Use of the e-gift card is an acceptance of these terms.

For any incorrect operation of the service, contact the wudd service department at: +30 3940 20277.


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