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Our History

The wüdd company was founded by our personal vision to provide inspiration toys for our children, of excellent quality and creativity.

As parents we have the same concerns.

We believe in strengthening children’s relationships with nature and the world around. That is why as a family business, the process of making toys, is just as important to us. We want to change the way are produced toys around the world, we ensure the reliability and high level of construction, combined with expertise, quality and modern ideas. Wooden toys inspired design and perfect construction are achieved by watching the international and domestic trends of the toys and the pulse of the time.

All the wüdd team has great experience in the manufacturing process and we are always happy
to help you find the perfect toy, because we are parents too. The children are our life project, and promoting healthy play is our passion.
Our Wooden Toys inspire the trust of children and parents.

Perfect toy for the perfect kid

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